• gears, pinions, worm gears
• geared parts for truck and car brakes
• looking elements for
   steering wheels/parking brakes
• drive shafts and  gears for chainsaws
• drive shafts for power tools
• drive units for e-bikes
• drive components for hybrid drives
• components for pump drives
• drive components for aircraft seats,
   dentist chairs and surgery equipment
• powertrains for textile spinning maschines
• actuators for blinds and sunshields
• pinions for pneumatic motors
• hings for lights
• contact tips for measuring equipment 
• powertrains for blinds
• pistons and sleeves for test equipment
• components for high-frequency connectors

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Thomas Fehrenbach
Technical Sales

Thomas Fehrenbach

Technical Sales
Section:Gearing/Milling Technology
Phone:+49 7720 99350-265
Fax:+49 7720 99350-20

Alexander Kusnezow
Technical Sales

Alexander Kusnezow

Technical Sales
Section:Gearing Parts
Phone:+49 7720 99350-18
Fax:+49 7720 99350-20