manufacturing processes used in the field of competence


TURNING - To satisfy all the different demands of precision turned parts, the ORCA-group uses different typs of machines. Main focus is turning from bar material. A variety of machines are equipped  for complex milling operations and with high pressure e.g. for deep hole drilling.

Index MS 52, MS 40, MS 32, MS 22, MS 18 complex turned parts up to Ø 52 mm
Gildemeister GM 16 turned parts up to Ø 16 mm
DMG MORI Multisprint 36 complex turned parts up to Ø 36 mm
Traub TNX 80 complex turned parts up to 3 kg and up to Ø 150 mm
Mazak Integrex 100/200, Nexus 200 complex turned parts up to 10 kg and up to Ø 300 mm
Traub TNC 65, 42, 30 (all with Y-axis) complex turned parts up to Ø 65 mm
Index G200 (with Y- und B-axis) complex turned parts up to Ø 65 mm
Index ABC turned parts up to Ø 65 mm
OKUMA LB300, LB200 turned parts up to Ø 240 mm
Swiss Type Lathes  
Traub TNL16 precision turned parts up to Ø 26 mm
Citizen B12, K12, L12, L20, M16, M20, M32 complex turned parts up to Ø 32 mm
Star SW 7, SR 20, ST 38 complex turned parts up to Ø 38 mm
Tornos Bechler (conventional + CNC) turned parts up to Ø 20 mm
Hard Turning Machines  
Spinner TD high precision turned parts up to Ø 50 mm

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - the ORCA-group uses a lot of equipment and know-how to add the gearing operations direct to the turning process. The main focus is here on worm gears.


CNC-MILLING PARTS - The CNC milling is divided into two fields. Milling automotive parts in bigger volumes often made from castings or forgings. The second focus is on complex milled parts for mechanical engineering, for hydraulic components and for aviation and airspace in medium and small series. The ORCA-group has a modern park of machinery. This includes CNC milling centers with up to 260 tool holders and 5 axis simultanious machining and also universial CNC turning/milling centers. To fulfill the necessary demands in processing and programming the production is supported by modern CAD/CAM systems. 3D CNC measuring machines and a variety of modern testing equipment are used to ensure the highest quality standards.


CNC 5-axis machining centres  
MAM72 - Hermle C800U, C40, C400, B300 - DMU Evolutuion - Fanuc Robodrill high-precision, high-complex milled parts 0,2 kg – 50 kg (cubical)
CNC 4-axis machining centres  
Heller H2000 - DMC 80H - Fanuc Robodrill - Fehlmann PICOMAX P51 precision, high-complex milled parts 0,2 kg – 100 kg (cubical)
CNC 3-axis machining centres  
DMU 60T, DMU 80 - Mazak - Mikron - AXA precision milled parts 0,2 kg – 40 kg (up to 3 m length)
CNC turning and milling centres  
Mazak Integrex 100/200, Nexus 200 - OKUMA LB3000 - Traub TNX 80 high-precision turned and milled parts between Ø 5 mm and Ø 400 mm


GEARING TECHNOLOGY - The competence of the ORCA-group in the gearing technology is focused to the production of different types of gears, pinions and worms from module 0,2 up to module 4,0. Modern hobbing machines as well as turning machines with special equipment are used in production. The measuring is supported by several two flanks master gear devices, Klingelnberg P26 and Gleason MP150.

Gear Hobbing  
Monnier & Zahner D2000 CNC module 1,0 to 4,0
Köpfer 160 CNC module 0,5 to 2,5
Monnier & Zahner MZ150 CNC module 0,5 to 2,0
Monnier & Zahner MZ130 CNC module 0,5 to 1,5
Wahli W95 CNC module 0,5 to 1,5
Monnier & Zahner MZ120 CNC module 0,4 to 1,25
Wahli W93, W91, W90 module 0,2 to 1,0
Worm Milling  
Lambert CNC module 0,3 to 2,0
Monnier & Zahner MZ120 CNC module 0,4 to 1,25
Chasing worms  
Lathes and Multispindle machines module 0,2 to 1,0

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - hobbing of heat treated gears is possible on several hobbing machines.


GRINDING/ FINISHING - The ORCA-group localized the whole grinding technology at the Zisterer GmbH plant. The high performance needed for hydraulic components guarantees a high quality standard and result in a top class machinery and measure equipment as laser measuring devices, profile testing equipment and roughness measuring units.

Feed-through grinding (centerless) e.g. Junker Jupiter 500 - Koenig&Bauer - Estarta Shaft - Ø 3 mm - Ø 50 mm, lenght 250 mm
Plunge grinding (centerless) e.g. Junker BB10 - Microrex - Multimat 150 Ø 4 mm - Ø 50 mm, length 200 mm
Grinding between centers e.g. Studer S21, S31 - Junker EJ10, Grindor Silver - Bahmueller Flex, B45-2 - Mikromat 3G Ø 4 mm - Ø 40 mm, wheel width 80 mm
Internal grinding e.g. Vourmard Ø 8 mm - Ø 80 mm, length 80 mm
Ultrafine grinding e.g. Strausak T70 bearing shaft Ø 0,5 mm - Ø 6,0 mm
Shaft and ball-finishing e.g. Supfina - Thielenhaus Ø 6 mm - Ø 50 mm, length 250 mm

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - special measurement systems an in-process measuring devices will allow tolerances down to 0,0015mm (1,5 microns). This is available for the centreless grinding process and for grinding between centres.


HONING - this special process allows to finish very accuarate diameters with a defined surface-roughness also in heat treated parts as gears, sleeves, valves and hydraulic components. The majority of the honing machines are equipped with a automatic robot loading system. For tolerances under 0.01 mm, measuring systems are used in the process.

horizontal honing machines hole Ø 1,7 mm to Ø 30 mm.
vertical honing machines hole Ø 2,5 mm to Ø 45 mm.


PROFILE-ROLLING-TECHNOLOGY -  Next to the classic machining processes, the ORCA-group also uses the forming technology by profile rolling machines. The profile rolling is used for rolling threads, worms in full material and optimazing of pre-milled tooth flanks. This technology has been successful approved especially during the manufacturing of drive worms. 

For this technology, the ORCA-group uses profile and thread rolling machines  PR 15 HP from "Profiroll".


HEAT TREATMENT/ COATING - a lot of our products are highly stressed and used in applications allowing no wear. Therefor heat treatment and coating is a common process. The ORCA-group has long experience with these complex technologies and together with our reliable suppliers we support our customers for their requirements. The treatment used for automotive, hydraulic or aviation products often are very different. This is the big challenge of the ORCA-group generating synegies between our competence centers. Additionally the ORCA-group uses different surface treatments in-house as barrel finishing, polishing, sandblasting and tempering after heat treatment. Our company location in Pila / Polen has its own maschinery of hardening furnaces for case hardening, annealing, tempering and aging.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - The ORCA-group evaluates their suppliers looking at their quality systems and the performance of their deliveries.


ASSEMBLIES - many customers appreciate the manifold opportunities of assembling work realized by the ORCA-group. In coordination with our customers the necessary testing and gaging devices will be specified and constructed.

MASCHINERY/ ENGINEERING - the ORCA-group is able to build its own assembly lines. Therefore the in-house engineering and the well equiped tool shop are mandatory. This of course is also very helpful for any trouble shooting.

production / machinery

The production focuses of the ORCA - group are aligned to the respective requirements in the areas of expertise. The aim is to produce effective and economically optimized conditions in each production area.
For this a total of approximately 15.000 square meters of production space is given to fulfill future requirements such as economy, enviromental protection, sustainability etc. All production areas are logistically and ecologically optimized for examples the plants are equipped with modern ventilation systems, chip deposal facilities and crane installation.
In our production areas adequate production equipments, machine equipments and measuring instruments are availabel for the respective tasks to ensure the necessary flexibility and reliability in our productions, machine groups are preferably the same type and bundled in respective manufacturing sectors.