The ORCA-group - targets and policies

The origin of the ORCA-group is related to the Ludwig Schaible KG, founded 1930 in Schwenningen am Neckar. Starting with the production of small pinions and gears for the local clock industry, the ORCA-group emerged to a supplier, delivering precision parts and assemblies to customers all over the world. The management has to handle the daily challenge to harmonize economical resources, responsibility for employees, nature and society and the ambition to reach technological leadership. These are the basics aspects for the ORCA-values, specified in the targets and policy of the ORCA-group.


The ORCA-group aspires to produce precision parts, assemblies and devices for a worldwide customer base. Competent knowledge, innovative processes and continuous investments are the basic elements for an ongoing improvement in the defined markets. Following this targets the ORCA-group is a flexible and reliable partner in a common value chain, responsible for stable and efficient processes. The management of the ORCA-group supports entrepreneurial efforts to reach a suitable and sustainable profit margin.

Bernd Schaible

Dr. Mathias Krauss


The members of the ORCA-group focus themselves on their field of competence. Each company or plant will achieve the technological leadership in the current field of competence, reaching sustainable added value and appropriate return on investment. The development of each field of competence has to be well balanced. Each single member of the ORCA-group is encouraged to use the internal synergies and to support the teamwork between each member.

Using the expert knowledge of the employees, the innovation capacity and the economic resources, the ORCA-group is supplying solutions and processes to wide customer base. The ORCA-group aspires to achieve further growth by acquiring new business in the field of metalwork, producing precision parts, assemblies and devices. Spontaneous growth is preferred but also growth based on acquisition is reasonable. The ORCA-group wants to adapt competences in niche markets to guarantee added value.

The targets of the ORCA-group are ambitious and achievable. The ORCA-group is based on a family-owned entrepreneurship with a high degree of transparency and flexibility. The ORCA-group is fully aware of her social responsibility and wants to be a fair and interesting partner for customer, suppliers and employees.