The ORCA-group guidelines

The long-term success as supplier on the world market is based on a professional management and intension to reach technical and economic leadership in the face of human and environmental resources. The ORCA business culture and values are based on these ideas. The ORCA-group follows the priciples of the free market economy and aspires long term partnership with our customers, our suppliers and our employees. The management of the ORCA-group supports the integration into the cultural, social and business environment. Everybody who joins the ORCA-group has to accept and support this challenge in a positive manner. Thank you everybody helping to fulfill this intention.

We are convinced...

...that everybody of us should be a
responsible member in our common
and prospective value community...

...and the way we go fo these
values is fundamental for ,
our success and progress.

Bernd Schaible
Managing Director / owner

Our guideline

With values to success