09.03.2020 - Ability to supply -in spite of COVID-19

Dear business partners,

the distribution of the viral disease COVID-19 is increasingly unsettling companies and employees. Due to the current situation we would like to inform you about our assessment and activities.

From both a human and business perspective, we view the distribution of the virus with concern, compassion and the ongoing focus on what we can do for prevention. Unfortunately, we cannot predict which long-term effects the distribution of the virus might have for personal as well as business.aspects.

At the present time, our ability to deliver is not affected in any way cause by Corona virus . Due to the high internal added value, we have manageable supply chains and according to our current state of knowledge, our supply with raw materials, tools or operating resources for our products is not affected by Corona. Furthermore we do not have fixed supplier relations to known risk areas (Robert Koch Institute, as of 05.03.2020).

As soon as COVID-19 should have an impact on the ability to deliver, we will inform you immediately via this channel. 

Simultaneously we would like to ask you, to inform us immediately if your company is influenced in its supply chain to the ORCA group due to COVID-19.


Please send the information to your  known contact persons or to:

Sarah Scherlies (Sales assistence): E-Mail:  s.scherlies(at)orca-grp.de, Tel. +49 77 20 99350-0


Many thanks!

With kind regards

Your ORCA group