• drive worms for windows, sliding roofs
   seat adjustments, trunk looks and
   mirror drive systems
• bushings for automotive powertrains
• bushings for bearings
• bushings and shafts for turbochargers
• magnetpots for car soundsystems
• components for ad-blue pumps
• magnet technology: magnet slides
   anchor shafts, cores
• drive shafts for electrical drives
• hydraulic pistons for axial piston pumps
• hydraulic valvebodies and locking pawls
• turning parts for chainsaws
   and house equipment

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Dirk Männer
Technical Sales/Key Account

Dirk Männer

Key Account 
Section:Technical Sales
Phone:+49 7720 99350-15
Fax:+49 7720 99350-20

Pascal Domrös
Technical Sales

Pascal Domrös

Technical Sales
Phone:+49 7720 99350-24
Fax:+49 7720 99350-20