• complex precision parts (turning and milled parts)
• complex powertrains
• components for brakes
• mechanical control elements
• oil pumps for boat engines/systems
• pump housings for automotive applications


• spindles and mech. components for 
   textile spinning machines
• drive elements for e-bikes
• drive elements for electric motors with gears
• housing machining (aluminium die casting, steel,
   grey cast iron, titanium)
• pump housings, gearbox housings
• structural components for aviation


• components for brake systems  
• hydraulic landing gear components
• hydraulic components: Pump housings, pistons,
   carrier housings, carrier plates,
   connecting elements
• assembly of pumps
• hydraulic valves/components



Carl-Zeiss-Str. 1
78073 Bad Dürrheim
Phone: +49 7726 6699-0


The company ORCA Systems GmbH, a machining professional for high-precision and complex components, is integrated into the ORCA Group in 2012. The focus of production is on components for the automotive industry, hydraulics, apparatus engineering and e-mobility. After the location in St. Georgen/Peterzell soon became too small due to the enormous growth, the company decided to move to its own premises in Bad Dürrheim with enormous space reserves at the turn of the year 2022/2023. In 2023, ORCA Systems GmbH then took over the operations of turning tec GmbH in Gosheim. The customer structure as well as the manufacturing processes complement each other to form a unit with now 80 employees and leads to a good positioning in the market with good development opportunities. The optimization and further development of complex components and assemblies in cooperation with the customers becomes a steadily growing area. Thus, the company ORCA Systems GmbH develops together with the customers complementary processes that meet the high requirements for surface, deburring, hardening processes, visual specifications, residual dirt requirements, functional tests of assemblies, etc..

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Rolf Müller

Rolf Müller

Plant Manager
Phone:+49 7726 6699-130
Fax:+49 7726 6699-111

Viktor Lupp
Production Manager

Viktor Lupp

Technical Sales
Section:Turning Technology/Automotive
Phone:+49 7426 6000-44
Fax:+49 7426 6000-60

Jürgen Wiedemann
Technical Sales

Jürgen Wiedemann

Technical Sales
Section:Turning Technology/Automotive
Phone:+49 7726 6699-132
Fax:+49 7726 6699-111