E-Mobility ##Mechanics

• drive units for e-bikes
• geared shafts for electrical drives
• components for steering pillars
• drive axes for electrical wheelchairs
• drive components for hybrid drives
• powertrains for electrical vehicles
• housings for electrical gear boxes
• complex cubical precision parts (5-axes-milling)
• machining of castings and forgings
• machining of casted housings
  (aluminium casting, steel, iron, titanium)
• hydraulic pumps and enginge housings
• oil pumps for boat engines and equipment
• components for applications in x-ray diagnostics
   and x-ray microskopes
• mechanical components and assemblies
   for the waiver production
• housings for spindle drives
   used in the machine tool industry
• housings for steering valves (hydraulic/pneumatic)
• drive components for aircraft seats,
   dentist chairs and surgery equipments
• assemblies including final control 

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Eef Schellens
Technical Sales Benelux

Eef Schellens

Technical Sales
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Szymon Malinowski
Technical CEO of
ORCA Precision Parts Sp. z o.o.

Szymon Malinowski

Technical CEO
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Thomas Fehrenbach
Technical Sales

Thomas Fehrenbach

Technical Sales
Section:Gearing/Milling Technology
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