• complex cubical precision parts
• machining of castings and forgings
• for hydraulic housings pumps and engines
• components for applications in x-ray diagnostics
   and x-ray microscopes
• mechanical components and
   assemblies for the waiver production
• housings for spindle drives
   used in the machine tool industry
• housings for steering valves
• steering curves for mechanical drives
• housings for electrical gear boxes
• drive units for e-bikes
• assemblies including final control 


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Sp. z o.o.

Ul. Strefowa 7
64-920 Pila / Polen
Phone: +48 67 26417-10


The company ORCA Precision Parts Sp. z o.o. in Pila, Polen was integrated in the ORCA- group in 2015. ORCA Precision Parts is specialized on small and medium series production of high precision components. The company is mainly machining on 5-axes-CNC-milling machines as well as on modern turning and milling centres. The company counts about 70 employees with growing trend.            Companies from very diversified sectors like mechanical devices, automotive, hydraulic and medical technology belong to our client base. High flexibility and fast implementation of new products as well as the close partnership with the ORCA distribution center in the south of Germany are the base for satisfied customers all over Europe. To meet increasing demands and customer requests to grow in the long term,a new building in poland is in  the planing phase. Already today the company provides complete assemblies "just in time" from west-poland. This segment is a still growing western ORCA Precision Parts.

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Eef Schellens
Technical Sales OPP (Benelux)

Eef Schellens

Technical Sales OPP (Benelux)
Section:Technical Sales OPP (Benelux)
Phone:+31 615 859164

Szymon Malinowski
Technical CEO,
Sales OPP (Europe)

Szymon Malinowski

Technical CEO, Sales OPP (Europe)
Section:Technical Sales OPP (Europe)
Phone:+48 67 26417-11